Cheer Up

by Dr Patrice Newell


3 min read


We live in a world of wars, woes and worries – yet need to maintain hope and optimism, lest we become Oblomovs.

Iya Illych Oblomov was a character in an 1859 Russian novel whose story also became a drama – he was played on the West End stage by Spike Milligan. He has also given his name to a syndrome.

In the novel, play and syndrome, Oblomov can’t think of a reason to get out of bed in the morning. So he doesn’t. And one can have some sympathy for him.
But we musn’t.

Life began on earth on a Tuesday morning around 3.7 million year ago. (The Tuesday reference is a joke – it might well have been a Wednesday) and thanks to the driving force of evolution continues its vigorous progress. And what drives that force? Optimism. Hope.

Forgive the clichés, but life looks on the bright side, looks for light at the end of the tunnel and sees problems as opportunities. As must we all. Though the skies may be gloomy and there’s talk of another GFC we cannot hide in bed. Replace Oblomov with guarded optimism. That’s our philosophy at Kwala.

In the original novel Oblomov does manage to get out of bed, but only makes it to the bedside chair. But that’s not good enough. We must get off our bums!

There’s a world out there and it’s waiting for us.

That’s another Kwala Kreed.

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