Don’t just Invest. Be Invested.

by Dr Patrice Newell


3 min read


Most of us first engage with corporations via our early encounters with shopping. All those competing products, and the supermarkets themselves. Then, little by little, your curiosity and knowledge of business grows and you learn something of the stock market or real estate. You discover that behind every company there are many more, a complicated and mysterious mosaic.

Now Kwala makes it easy for you to know much more.

The past few weeks #wekwala have been reviewing every company which the Kwala Fund has directly and indirectly invested in. 220 of them. Some are a small part of an ETF while a Kwala individual investment can make up approximately 2% of the fund. Together these companies are providing important specialised services.

At the end of a monthly portfolio review process, we discuss how refreshing it’s been to learn more about these global businesses, some well-established, others new.

Each company is showcased in the app, revealing where its contributions are within the UNSDG’s framework. A Kwala customer will be investing a little bit of their money in all of them. It’s a simple way to help your money go around the world in the right way.

However, during the past few weeks #wekwala have also been delving into the confronting reading of Australia’s latest State of the Environment report.


These collective reports are essential reading. They show you what past actions have done to the environment: to the air, water and soil; to biodiversity losses accelerated in the name of progress.

Now you can read official data and understand the negative impacts of polluting actions and you’ll be likely to find inspiration for a better way forward.

Yes, your individual actions count. But supporting monumental political structural changes to rein in the bad old ways is also needed.

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