Are your habits building your dream life?

by Geoffrey Zabell


2 min read


The following concept is obvious, yet it might also rock your world.

If you want to go to Brisbane from Sydney (due North) but you set a course for North East (NE), you will never get to Brisbane. It’s simply not possible. No matter how much positive thinking or vision boarding you do.


James Clear explains in his bestseller Atomic Habits, just 1% of improvement on your daily activities, leads to a 37% improvement of your habits over the course of a year.

Yep, habits shape your life, career, goal attainment and financial success. We all do it, promise ourselves great things ‘when I have time, when I’ve lost weight, when I retire, after I start my family’ etc.

We can wish our lives away on plenty of ‘when’s’ or as one friend used to say, They’re just ‘gonna’ people. That is people who are always going to (gonna) but usually don’t.

What we do, day by day, week by week, is the true us. Afterall, we live our life in increments.

Our pleasures are gained with moments of gratitude, a shared smile, a meal, a play with your animal friends, a longer lean against your favourite tree.

Our lives are forged in daily moments of joy, boredom, frustration and fear. Who will you be? What will your life become?

In every moment we make a choice. Some days we will show the world our best and brightest self, others our most tortured.

We choose our course, and our destination.

Just one degree of difference and we will end up somewhere very different.

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